What You Should Know About Public Swimming Pools

The summer heat gives you the best excuse to get to a swimming pool but public swimming pools that are indoors can in fact be used when and as you want for pleasure or part or your exercise routine to keep fit and slim.Swimming is one of the most recommended exercises because it uses all the bodys muscles but there are a few things you should know before you take the plunge into a public swimming pool.

Dipping into a public swimming pool can cause you a variety of diseases from the high amount of chlorine to the different types of bacteria found in the water from those who used it with dirty feet, hands or from the fact that some will urinate in the pool not on purposes but because at times the first impact with the cold water initiates the instinct to urinate and children usually cannot control themselves.

Make sure to check how often the water of the swimming pool is changed, it should be done daily and do not take a dip if the water seems unclear or you cannot see the bottom of the pool in the childrens section.

Precautions to Consider When Using a Public Swimming Pool

The ears are very sensitive and most people who use public swimming pool are prone to ear infections and/or aches, which are very painful in order to avoid such getting an ear pain or infection always wear ear plugs when you use a public swimming pool.

Your eyes are next on the list to protect especially if you are wearing contact lenses or know that you have sensitive eyes always wear protection such as, swimming goggles. Last but not least shower yourself before and after getting in a public swimming pool and respect all the rules of maintaining a clean pool for your and all others who use it as well.

Helpful Tips

If you experience skin itching after you have been in a public swimming pool, it can be from the high amount of chlorine in the water apply moisturizing cream and it will go away in a few hours however, if it persists for a few days, you should consult a doctor, as it can be a form of rash from some ingredients and/or bacteria that was present in the water when you used the pool.

Your hair may be affected by the high amount of chlorine as well especially is you are coloring it, it can fade instantly couple of shades so, if you want to protect the color and the quality of your hair wear a head swimming cap in the pool which should keep the water away from your hair.

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