Water Balance

This section looks at the importance of “Water Balance” in your swimming pool, spa or hot tub. It is essential to maintain the correct water balance to create the right conditions for bather comfort, chemical efficiency and equipment protection. The main criteria affecting water balance are calcium hardness and pH (the level of acidity/alkalinity). Treatments such as chlorine can also affect water balance.

Total Alkalinity; acts as a buffer to reduce pH fluctuation. If total alkalinity levels are too low, the pH will fluctuate widely. If total alkalinity is too high, pH control can be very difficult and water clarity can also be affected. The optimum level of total alkalinity is 100 ppm (mg/l).

pH; is a scale of measurement between 1 and 14. 1 is extremely acidic, 14 is extremely alkaline. It is essential to maintain the pH of your swimming pool, spa or hot tub water within a range of 7.2 to 7.6. At pH levels outside of this range, the other chemical treatments such as algaecides or sanitisers will not work as well – or at all. The exception here is if you sanitise / disinfect your water with Bromine (which is available in either tablet or granular form) as the pH needs to be kept in the range of 7.6 – 7.8 for the Bromine to be effective.

Chlorine Reducers; chlorine is very often the sanitiser of choice in most swimming pools, spas and hot tubs. If it is overdosed, the pool or spa water can be unpleasant to bathe in and – in extreme cases – a hazard. Chlorine reducers are, a range of swimming pool chemicals, used to rapidly reduce a high chlorine level.

Chlorine Stabilisers; This chemical can be added to your swimming pool to extend the life of Chlorine sanitisers and shock treatments, improve water quality and save money. Particularly useful in outdoor swimming pools that are exposed to natural light.

Hardness; is measured by the level of calcium salts in your swimming pool, spa or hot tub water which will vary dependant on your location. Low levels of calcium hardness (soft water) can lead to corrosion of the materials of construction within your swimming pool environment. High levels of calcium hardness (hard water) can often lead to the formation of scale in pipe work and equipment within your swimming pool, spa or hot tub environment.

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