Using a Swimming Pool Vacuum

People who have pools know what a vacuum is. People who are having a pool built will know what a swimming pool vacuum does also. For anyone else that isnt familiar with a swimming pool vacuum, this should answer many questions about them. A swimming pool vacuum is just like a regular home vacuum except that it has been adapted for swimming pool use. Instead of using electricity to operate the vacuum, water pumps through at the base and the water goes into a filter that catches the trash and leaves and whatever has sunk into the bottom of the pool. A swimming pool vacuum can work in different ways. Some pools may have a device that floats around the pool pushing small items into the filter. The filter picks up most junk that settles. For larger pools, a long handheld pole with the vacuum in the pool is worked back and forth just like someone with carpet. There may be some items that cannot be seen so its important to vacuum the entire pool. The level of suction can be adjusted on most swimming pool vacuums.

Depending on the size of peoples pools will determine how easy or hard it is to accomplish the task of vacuuming the pool. At first, kids will like to do it because its new and different. After a week or so, everyone will line up to use it like they line up to vacuum the living room.

Vacuuming Is Mandatory

When people spend the amount of money it costs to have a pool built, it is important to keep it in good working order and looking good also. Every pool has a filter for things that are floating on top of the water. Items that sink to the bottom will stay on the bottom unless vacuuming it up. If people dont vacuum the pool, anything that sits on the bottom such as a leaf, will stain the concrete of the pool and will remain there for everyone to see for years. A swimming pool vacuum will pick up any litter debris only if someone uses it. Also, a swimming pool vacuum can be put together backwards depending on the brand or the fittings. If this happens, nothing gets picked up it only moves the debris around on the bottom. Some debris is worse than others but one shouldn’t risk the pool just to not have to vacuum.

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