Using a Swimming Pool Fountain

More and more people are having back yard swimming pools installed. Because the pool will become a part of the overall landscaping, a designer can come up with many ways to complete the back yard. One way to add a finishing touch to a back yard pool is to have the builder install a swimming pool fountain.

This adds to the structure and also makes a water noise that can be relaxing. It will sound like a small waterfall is in the back yard. A swimming pool fountain will also turn into a conversation piece. Anyone who visits for a party or get together will see the swimming pool fountain and be amazed. The fountain is not found in very many pools.

They can also be turned off when not needed. Electricity for the pump isnt too bad. As long as water is permitted to flow through the pump, it will work fine. These fountains will last for along time because of water flow. Water acts as a lubricant in the water pump and pressure is pretty low. Also, the temperature of pool water is cool enough so that overheating will not be a factor.

Problems with a Swimming Pool Fountain

Anything that man makes has the potential to wear out and break. A swimming pool fountain is no different. While the fountain will probably last for years, there are some things that can go wrong. It is important to make sure before turning on the fountain to be sure that there is no obstruction anywhere in the system.

If there is no water flow or if the water flow is very weak, there is probably an obstruction. Any part that moves in the pump or fountain is subject to fail when water flow is diminished. Particularly, the impeller can quickly fail. The impeller for swimming pool fountain pumps is made out of a soft plastic material.

An impeller acts like a revolving door. Water is constantly being pushed around and through. If water isnt present, the impeller is at risk of overheating and wearing down the lips. If this happens, water will not be brought through with enough pressure to make the swimming pool fountain to work.

Finally, the fountain itself is usually not inexpensive and fixing or replacing a fountain can cost a lot of money and aggravation. Make sure that people are aware of the problems that can be associated with swimming pool fountains.

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