Types of Swimming Pools

If you’re planning to install a swimming pool in your back yard, it is not as simple as blowing up an inflatable pool. Be aware that you have to plan carefully, from measurements to financing and construction to fulfilling legal papers. In planning your pool construction, you have to understand that there are several types of swimming pools and choosing the pool will largely depend on the free space you have as well as the style and shape you want. The four common types of swimming pools are vinyl, concrete, fiberglass and aboveground pools. In vinyl pools, the pool liner and walls are the only items made of vinyl. This material allows desired patterns to perk up to the walls or bottom of the pool. With these types of pools, the walls are usually made of fiberglass, aluminum, steel or wood.

Which Swimming Pool is Right for You.

With concrete swimming pools, the materials used determine the shape of your pool. When you hire a contractor, they will dig a hole to create the steel rebar for the walls and floor. After installing electrical wires and plumbing, the concrete or granite will be sprayed around and behind the rebar to build up the walls and floor. In the case of fiberglass swimming pools, the entire shell will be delivered into your home in one piece. Meaning, your house needs to have enough room for a crane and truck to drive the fiberglass pool close to the area where you want it installed. You should first ensure that plumbing, electrical and construction of the pool area are completed before installing the fiberglass.

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