Swimming Pool Safety Covers

Swimming pool safety covers are an absolute must in a home with small children. We’ve all heard terrible stories of how infants and toddlers have made their way into the pool unattended, only to meet a terrible fate. It doesn’t take much water for a drowning to occur; children can drown in a small amount of water in a bucket, so you know how dangerous pools and hot tubs can be. It only takes one quick moment for a child to slip into the pool unnoticed without a sound, and they don’t have to be under water for very long before severe oxygen deprivation occurs or even death. Swimming pool safety covers are a necessity to prevent these terrible tragedies from occurring; they are more than worth the investment, if only one life is saved.

There are many different types of covers available, and they come in all shapes and sizes too. Prices also vary depending on the complexity of the design and the installation process. Some swimming pool safety covers are very simple and easy to install, and are made of a strong netting that has holes too small for an infant or small child to fall through. At the same time the child will not be able to walk, crawl, or jump around on top of the net. This type of swimming pool safety cover is an affordable option and just takes a few minutes to cover and uncover the pool. Other types of swimming pool safety covers are made of a strong mesh or vinyl material, and like a net-type cover, can be safely anchored around the sides of the pool or installed on a roller system for easy use and storage.

Swimming pool safety covers are available from most local companies that install pools and outdoor hot tubs, and also online through various pool supply vendors. Covers vary in price depending on materials used, size, and installation costs; in addition to providing reassurance, some swimming pool safety covers keep pools and hot tubs insulated, and use solar energy to heat the water making it more cost efficient to heat during cooler months. Leaves, dirt, and other debris is also kept out with the swimming pool safety cover in place, so you’ll have more time to enjoy your pool, instead of just cleaning it all the time! And best of all . . . peace of mind.

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