Swimming Pool Liners

One of the first things I learned about when I became a swimming pool owner was the importance of swimming pool liners.  It may be silly, but for all of the swimming I had done in my life, I never gave a second thought to what was actually keeping the water in the pool!  Swimming pool liners are what actually keep the water where it is supposed to be, inside the pool’s frame and no where else.

The second thing I learned about swimming pool liners was the fact that the price and quality can vary quite a bit depending on things like the material the swimming pool liner is made of and how large of a swimming pool you are maintaining.  In my case, the pool was twenty-four feet in diameter, so the liner was rather large.  I was actually pleasantly surprised to find that we were able to get a decent swimming pool liner for less than $200.  I believe the cost was somewhere in the neighborhood of $160.

Vinyl swimming pool liners are probably the most common type of pool liner in use today.  It is said that these can last up to fifteen years if properly maintained.  Considering the effort involved in replacing a liner on your own, it is probably wise to get the longest lasting liner you can afford and then do your very best to maintain it.

There are different types of pool liners available for purchase as well.  Beaded pool liners are the more expensive option.  These swimming pool liners are designed for an exact fit and the installation requirements are rather exacting.  Beaded pool liners offer a great variety in designs and patterns for those who place an emphasis on such things.  Overlap swimming pool liners are a lower cost alternative for above ground pools.  This type of liner hangs over the top lip of the pool and in my experience is the most common to see in my area.  This may be due to its lower cost or its less stringent requirements for precision at the time of installation.  Depending on where you live, you may find less selection on the patterns and styles available if you are looking for overlap liners.  J-hook Pool linerscan sometimes be an option for both beaded style swimming pool liners and overlap swimming pool liners.

Beyond look and style, you should also consider what types of warranties are available for the swimming pool liners you are researching.  As I’ve looked online, I’ve seen some with warranties of fifteen years.  I would consider that pretty good myself for a liner.  Also to be considered is the liner’s durability when exposed to harsh swimming pool chemicals and the intense UV rays of the summer sun.

Another thing to remember is that regardless of what cover you purchase, you should always to your best to protect it.  It may seem like common sense, but sharp objects should never be taken into the swimming pool.   This includes not letting your four legged friends with sharp claws near the liner.  My yellow lab would love to take a dip and circles the pool endlessly during the summer months, but I know that one wrong swipe of a foot on the way out could make for a real mess.  I’d rather not risk that.

This information is for educational purposes only.  You should always consult a pool expert regarding your own particular swimming pool needs.  Thank you for reading my summary of above ground swimming pool liners!

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