Swimming Pool Design

Tailor Your Swimming Pool Design To Your Personal Needs

When deciding on a swimming pool design, one of the key factors is the pools intended use. Whether it is for family fun or physical therapy, there are many different swimming pool designs from which to choose. Your pool budget will also have something to say about the design.

For a family, a typical pool will be rectangular, with your budget and available space dictating its size, with possibly a deep end for diving and a shallow end for lounging. If you have small children, it may also include a wading area for them to splash around in that is separate from the remainder of the pool.

For those who have no plans to dive and simply want a swimming pool design to help them with physical therapy or to help stay in shape, a shallow pool that allows for straight swimming may be an option. The reduced depth of the pool may save on installation costs and will require less water to fill it. You can also provide the needed length, with less width, which will still allow for the needed, or wanted, exercise.

Swimming Pool Designs Available For Confined Spaces

People with smaller areas in which to install a pool will have fewer choices. A simple round pool can be installed to allow relaxation as well as those that are oval-shaped or even kidney shaped. The size of the pool will obviously be determined by the amount of available space.

Those folks with a more accommodating budget may even consider a swimming pool design which allows access from an inside part of the house. The main pool is built outside with a short connecting area that runs into a room inside, to allow for winter, or at least colder weather access to the pool. The partially indoor and outdoor swimming pool is becoming more popular with those in milder climates as well as in motels and hotels as an added attraction to cold-weather guests.

Visiting a contractor can reveal many different swimming pool design options and they will be able to offer advice on the type and size of the pool based on your location, the amount of space available as well as your budget. One way to go is to work with a contractor to lay out your own swimming pool design and thenhave it custom-built for you.

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