Swimming Pool Covers Protect Your Investment

Regardless of the extra work involved, there comes a time when pool covers shift from an inconvenience to money-saving devices and should be a part of your swimming pool supplies. Usually that will be in the fall when leaves are falling from nearby trees and covering your water with debris.

Not only will that require more time in dipping them out with a net, but they can get into the filtering system and clog it up, putting extra pressure on your water filtering pumps and potentially causing them damage, but they can clog your water heating system as well. All because you did not feel like putting your swimming pool cover in place.

Essentially, there are two basic swimming pool covers that you can choose from and both types serve a specific purpose.

A solar swimming pool cover, which is like a heavy-duty bubble wrap, can float on top of the pool and provide heat to the water. Rolled onto a bar, usually at one end of in inground pool, it can easily be pulled onto the waters surface. The cover has thousands of bubbles that work as a magnifying glass to focus the suns heat on the water, warming it when not is use.

There is a heavy duty swimming pool cover that should be in place as part of your pool winterizing, especially in colder climates. Throughout the winter months, snow, ice and other debris that seems to accompany bad weather, can build up on the surface of the pool and a cover will prevent most of it from getting into the water.

After a long, hard winter, there will be a layer of water on top of the pool from the melting snow and spring rains that will have to be cleaned off before you remove the cover. Failing to clean off swimming pool covers will result in everything on the cover falling into the pool, contaminating the water and requiring a lot more chemical treatments before it is fit for a person to dive in for the first time. The winter cover is typically neatly folded and stored while the pool is in use.

Both types of swimming pool covers are available for above ground pools. The solar cover is important for above ground pools because they are usually not equipped with a water heater. The winter cover is equally important in keeping out the debris that accumulates during the winter months when the pool is not in use.

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