A Solar power system uses the suns light and transforms it into a source of energy.

Conventional Power sources have given way to solar energy in remote areas as a reliable alternative. It has also even been utilised as far out as in space. Solar power systems are used widely in lighting, homes, cooking and architectural programs. The popularity of solar energy has improved over the increasingly expensive fossil fuels. Solar panels are designed to collect and channel the power from the sun.

Solar enegy obtained by the solar panels is then changed into useable power. This is achieved by the process of thermal application. It involves using the energy from the sun to directly heat air or liquids. The photoelectric application uses photovoltaic cells to transform energy into electricity.

Solar power really is green energy as it poses no harm to the environment. However, other threats to the environment may affect the ability to use solar power system in the future. Global dimming has been caused by pollution. It diminishes the quantity of sunlight reaching the surface of the earth. A concern in recent times is global dimming, effectively a pollution issue that reduces the amount of sunlight reaching the surface of the earth. Pollution particles and global warming are the main causes of global dimming.

The Solar Electric Power Association is an organization of electric utility companies and the solar industry. They teamed up to find the answers to our energy demands. SEPA is a network of more than one hundred companies. Fifty are utility companies, twenty five are solar companies, and the rest are various types of businesses. They discuss various policies and technologies relating to their area of expertise along with sharing experiences and knowledge about solar programs.

Will solar energy be right for you? With fossil fuels depleting there are clear advantages to the use of this safe alternative. Once solar energy is installed it is free. It can be used in areas where electricity can’t be set up easily. The sun’s resources are not going to dissapear in the near future. A disadvantage is that it will not function at night. Creating solar power stations to store energy would be extremely expensive.

Clearly there are areas in the world where solar power and energy unfortunately are unavailable due to climate restrictions and lack of sunlight.

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