Should my pool in Austin need an acid wash?

An acid wash is best performed every couple of years at most. The objective of the acid
wash is to get rid of buildup on the pool plaster or aggregate (like pebble-tec). This can be
done by first emptying the swimming pool (and spa if you have one) completely. We’ll drain
the swimming pool by using a gas powered clear water pump. We are able to drain a
typical swimming pool in 1.5 hours.

We’ll next start the pool acid wash in Austin with the addition of just enough acid to the
plaster and permit it just enough time to remove any kind of mineral or calcium buildup
although not leaving it on your swimming pool plaster for sufficient time to remove too much
plaster. You should clear away just a really slim coating of plaster. This, together with good
quality scrubbing which includes a specific brush, will not only revel a whiter and tidier level
of pool plaster below but it can also help to eliminate unsightly stains and also yellowing.

After the Austin acid wash has been conducted along with your pool is looking brighter,
we’ll get rid of any excess water and acid which is in the swimming pool and start the
refilling process of the pool.

Acid washes usually do not get rid of all bothersome stains from your pool plaster, the very
best end result that you could count on (from virtually any business) is the removal of a
number of the bothersome stains plus a brighter or whiter appearance. Acid washing is
not going to lead to your pool plaster to all turn a single tone of color, the color
discolorations will probably always be present to an extent however the better plaster
below plus the removal of various kinds of staining usually leave our customers delighted.

Just like a chlorine bath, an acid wash can be extremely dangerous, even deadly, if done
incorrectly. The process can also be extremely likely to be bad for your pool if carried out
by a service provider that is lacking in the knowledge essential to know the precise
mixtures and dilution rates and acid hang time (amount of time the acid is allowed to stay
on your plaster just before it is taken away) for your unique swimming pool. Make sure that
no matter who you choose to use, that they’re a professional business that understands
what they are doing and are both licensed and insured.

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