Make Your Bathroom Design Ideas Come To Life

Bathroom Design Ideas can come to you whether you are buying a home, having one built or remodeling your current home. There are so many options open to you with bathroom design ideas.

Basic Bathroom Design Ideas

If you are purchasing a new home make sure it has the requirements you are looking for so you don’t have to pay to remodel on top of your new mortgage.

One particular item to think about is family size. If it is just you and your spouse you probably want a really great master bath and a very nice half bath or full bath (depending on your house layout) for your guests.
If you choose to remodel the baths in your home you have endless options open to you in bathroom design ideas. You do need to decide if you are going to do the work yourselves or hire a contractor. Before you decide on that option, to get some ideas going for bath design you need to ask yourself some basic questions:

1. Master bathroom – What look am I going for?
2. Sinks – Which type?
3. Toilet and placement – enclosed?
4. Shower/tub combo or separate?
5. Tile floor or laminate?
6. Wallpaper or paint?
7. Mirrors and lighting
8. Cabinet and space

If you and your husband prefer separate sinks you could go with a marble countertop with cabinets beneath and separate faucets. Another look is to go with separate pedestal sinks.

Toilets can be enclosed totally by a door or partially by a half wall.

Garden tub or Jacuzzi’s are really in right now with a separate shower built in the master bath.

Tile floors are easy to maintain and you could carry the theme with tile base around the base.

Wallpaper versus paint is always an individual choice. There are many ways to go with bathroom design ideas in this area.

Mirrors can be fun to pick out. You could choose to have one large mirror over the marble sink with round light bulbs surrounding it or if you chose to have pedestal sinks you could go with a really cool look with individual taste in a mirror to go over each sink.

Cabinet space is usually a big issue in any bathroom. A lot of older houses have a bathroom pantry located right outside the bathroom. To make your master bath larger you could add additional space for stacked built in cabinets which will leave plenty of room for your towels and any additional items that need to be stored.

If you have a family a children’s bathroom can be fun to design. You need to determine what needs you have depending on the age of the children. You can even turn an unused bedroom into a bathroom and put in a claw foot tub, sink and anything else you can think of and make it child friendly with wallpaper of something that they love.

If you have a family member that is handicapped and can get around without assistance in the bathroom, you can have a bathroom easily converted into a handicapped friendly bathroom. There are a number of options ranging from a step in tub to a shower that is built especially for those who can’t stand.

This article should show that there are so many ways to go with bathroom design ideas. It basically should let you know that there are not too many ways to go wrong it’s just based on your own judgment and tastes.

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