Intex Saltwater System

The following is a review of the Intex Saltwater System that was submitted to me when I asked about people’s personal experiences with various swimming pool filtering and chemical systems.  I cannot vouch for it, but I thought it might be of interest to some folks.  Always do your research and use your best judgment.:

If you are looking to purchase an above ground swimming pool, you might want to consider the purchase an Intex Saltwater System for your above ground pool. You can purchase the saltwater system for under $200.00. It will honestly pay for itself in one season. You will no longer have to buy chlorine, or any other harsh chemical for you pool again.

The saltwater system will keep your pool sparkling clear, with little work on your part. The saltwater system works with your pump that comes with the pool. Depending on what size pool you have, the amount of salt you have to put into your saltwater system will vary. The salt is made up of sodium and chloride, and the saline water goes through plates that give the salt cell and chlorine a positive charge, after which, it goes into the pool water as free chlorine. There are many benefits of using the salt water system, since there are no harsh chemicals in your pool and no chlorine, it is less irritating to your eyes, and it does not affect people with breathing problems. It also will not fade your bathing suit. It is a wise investment to do this, you will save money and time. You and your family will be glad that you switched to a saltwater system.

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