Hidden Costs of Clearly Beautiful Pools

Exploring Hidden Pool Costs

In today’s uncertain economy, most people are not looking for ways to spend extra money. Investing in a swimming pool is one of the last things that many people are thinking about. Clearly Beautiful Pools costs are much more reasonable than many people realize however.

Compared to the cost of taking your family on a vacation, installing an above ground swimming pool can actually be a bargain. You must remember that you will have your pool for many years to come. When you spread the cost of installing the pool out over several years, the investment really begins to look like quite a deal.

Some homeowners can afford the luxury of an in ground pool, but investing tens of thousands of dollars into a home improvement is not something that most people want to do if they can avoid it. Clearly Beautiful Pools are a much more reasonably priced alternative. There are many above ground swimming pool options available. Rather than spending thousands of dollars, a homeowner can invest hundreds and still have the luxury of being able to swim on their own property. Above ground swimming pools come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes designed to meet the needs of almost any homeowner.

There are some hidden costs that must be taken into consideration when installing your swimming pool. These are the little things that you may not think of when you are planning for your new pool. The total of these costs will still not be anywhere near the cost of installing an in ground pool, but they do have to be taken into consideration.

Here is a short list of things to remember:

• Your land and must be level. If your property is not level, you may have to pay for excavating and leveling the area where you intend to place your above ground swimming pool. The cost of this will vary greatly depending on the work involved and who you get to do the work.

• You must have access to electricity at your pool site. Check your local codes to see what requirements there are for running electricity to your pool.

• If you intend to install a deck, realize that it will not be cheap. If you’re able to do the work yourself, that will save you a considerable amount of money. My jaw must have hit the ground when we got one estimate for a pool deck. I had grand plans of a deck going about half way around our pool that included steps and a gate. I also had the contractor figure the cost for using Trex to avoid splinters. Total estimate for the deck: $8000. It didn’t happen. The following year my father-in-law and I converted some wooden steps we got out hands on to a mini-deck that works just fine. It is only about six feet square, but our total cost was about fifty bucks. That worked for me, because most of our time near the swimming pool is spent in the pool, not next to it.

• If you’re going to have somebody install your pool, It will cost an additional money. Everyone wants to get paid and honestly, if you don’t know what you are doing, it is a wise investment. If you do have the skilled labor available, putting the pool up yourself will save a nice chunk of change.

Even with these additional costs, an above ground swimming pool is still a great investment that you’ll have for years to come. The convenience of not having to travel to get to a pool and the savings compared to paying for season passes is a real plus. In fact, I would dare say that once you have your own pool, you probably won’t want to think about going to a crowded public pool again. Figure out who you might know that is qualified to help you as far as doing skilled work goes. If you have people in your family skilled in carpentry or electrical work, ask them for an estimate. Every little bit of money that you can save is a bonus. Once you start looking at the swimming pool options available to you, you might be surprised at how nice of a pool you can get (even with the hidden costs).

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