Getting the Best Out Of the Swimming Pool Pump

Anyone who buys a swimming pool will realize that not only is their summer fun going to cost a bit, but there are also maintenance as well as pool chemical costs to contend with. While it is not possible for them to eliminate electric costs of running the pool, there are ways to minimize the costs.

Swimming pool pumps cost a lot due to the amount of electricity they take to run, and is second only to running a home air conditioner. The first thing a swimming pool owner needs to check is whether the size of the swimming pool pump is correct, or is the pump larger than required.

Larger pumps will mean more maintenance costs, and the ideal swimming pool pump for a private residential pool should not require more than .75 horsepower. If one reduces the size of the swimming pool pump by even a quarter horsepower, one will have saved a significant amount on electricity and maintenance costs.

Things to Consider

Some owners may insist that they require large swimming pool pumps in order to circulate as well as filter water frequently, though recycling once a day is sufficient. Also, it is common practice for swimming pool pumps to be run longer than is necessary.

A running cycle of four to six hours a day is perfect, and then also it need not be run constantly. When one uses the swimming pool pump to pump in chemicals, it is necessary to ensure that one monitors as well as adjusts chemical levels so that it does not rise above what is required. Properly balanced water will result in savings due to less filtering time used up. A little trial and error may be required before one can arrive at the required level. Doing the math right will certainly help you to save some money.

For swimming pool pumps that require replacement, one should think of how efficient it will be as well as look for two speed pumps at the correct horsepower rating. Two speed pumps will mean less running, except when vacuuming as well as backwashing and low speed also means quieter operation as well as less electricity consumed.

It is also a good idea to install a timer on the swimming pool pump, and to also run it only as long as is necessary to keep water clean. One should also clean the strainer baskets and the filters regularly so that the swimming pool pump runs more efficiently.

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