Does my pool require a chlorine bath?

Our services for a chlorine bath in Austin Tx are offered on a pool only when additional
procedures still haven’t been able to eliminate the swimming pool of specific sturdy kinds of
algae, mostly black algae. This method will involve draining the swimming pool and killing
the algae through scrubbing it with a unique type of liquid chlorine. This process is good at
eliminating even most difficult patches of algae however it is also dangerous if it is done

A pool chlorine bath may purge your swimming pool and spa of most forms of algae
however it’s also possible that if the algae has actually penetrated the plaster of the pool
that it very well might come back.

For those who have an algae bloom or happen to be fighting pool algae for quite a while
give us a call and we can happily visit and handle the situation to suit your needs.

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