Cloudy Pool Water

Your swimming pool is not only filled with leaves but it also has turned cloudy. What could be the reason for all of this? You couldn’t find enough time to clean the pool earlier and now it’s going to be too late. Everyone is on their way and there’s no way you can get the cloudy water to vanish. Well then, how about this? What if we can reverse this scenario just a bit and see how you could’ve avoided it in the first place. In order to know that, you need to know what causes your pool into this in the first place.

Cloudy Water Causes

• There may be various reasons why a pool would turn cloudy, but the most common cause is the chemical imbalance in your pool. This occurs only when you use chemicals to keep your pool clean. If you take a quick pH test, you will find that perhaps there is a low chlorine, high pH level, not enough shocking in the pool, and/or high calcium hardness of water, all combined will give you the cloudy results. Also, the presence of microscopic particles like bacteria, dirt, twigs, and debris can be the culprit. Apart from these basic causes, other factors that affect the clarity of the swimming pool are:

• Algae growth in the pool.
• Poor filtration; perhaps the filter is dirty or needs to be replaced.
• Inadequate pool circulation; need people to swim in the pool more often.
• People coming in pool with makeup, lotion, creams, and tanning oil on.
• Poor pool maintenance.
• More swimmers than the pool sanitizer can handle.
• Pool remains in shade too often; can’t kill bacteria.

We’ve all heard the proverb, “Prevention is better than cure”. So why not follow that here Ocala plumber as well and keep the swimming pool clean in the first place. To do so, on a regular basis, you will have to empty out your pool, use a fiber brush, and start cleaning it. After the water is filled back into the pool, always do a chemical test to check if everything is in order. Regular pool maintenance is much better than getting a wake-up call from the cloudy water. These maintenance and cleaning tips are not just so you don’t have to pay more for the cleaning services, but also to keep you and your family safe.

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