Clearly Beautiful Pools Where to Install

Where to Install an Clearly Beautiful Pools

Clearly Beautiful Pools are much easier to install than in ground pools, but they do have their own special requirements. You must carefully consider where you are going to have your swimming pool located on your property. Choosing the placement for your swimming pool installation is crucial. At first, the thought of being able to just walk out the back door and jump into the pool might seem like great fun, but you must remember that this will eventually be quite a noisy place if there are kids swimming with their friends. For many people, this might not even be a consideration, but for some (like neighbors for instance), the noise levels could be distracting.

Much more important than the noise factor, are the actual physical requirements of the area where you will be doing the installation. Above ground swimming pools absolutely must be located on level ground that is not going to shift. The weight of the water contained in a swimming pool is immense. When that weight is not distributed evenly, the uneven stresses and strains on the weight bearing sides of the pool can make the swimming pool unsafe. A collapsing pool is not only dangerous to property, but to the people around it as well. You do not want it to happen.

Even a slight tilt to the ground will be magnified over the diameter of the pool. Keeping things level is essential. This can be accomplished with excavation, but it will increase your swimming pool costs a bit. Some sources recommend using a basic level and a straight board for determining the levelness of the area. I can say from experience that the relatively small investment in a leveling transit can be a very wise investment. During one of my first pool installations, we tried using a level. The bubble was just the tiniest bit out of dead center, and still within the center lines. Over a 24 foot diameter pool, this magnified to approximately a four inch difference in water depth. We noticed this when the pool was about one fourth of the way filled. We had to drain the pool and reset the posts. This wasted an entire day and about 3,000 gallons of water. We borrowed a transit from a neighbor at that point and made sure that the pool was dead on level. Take my word for it… it is easier to set the pool up just once.

When possible, it is better to allow plenty of space around above ground swimming pools. People will be moving around them a lot and you may decide in the future that you want to add some type of swimming pool deck to the poolscape. This is a much easier endeavour if you are not limited by the constraints of the spot you set your pool upon. You should also do your best to avoid an area prone to debris. A tree next to your pool will be a constant headache as leaves, bird droppings and twigs will greatly increase how often you have to clean the pool. In general, even if you are working with a tight space, you should leave at least a few feet of level surface beyond the edge of the swimming pool.

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