Aquabot Turbo T-Jet

The Aquabot Turbo T-Jet is one of the newest products put out by Aqua Products, Incorporated.  One of the biggest hassles of pool ownership can be keeping your swimming pool clean.  The Turbo T-Jet has been designed to help eliminate much of what people dread about this time consuming chore.  By using a design that features a built in pump, Aquaproducts has eliminated many moving parts that are prone to breaking.  The T-Jet design also works more efficiently than many other robotic pool cleaners.  The Aquabot Turbo has been designed for use on the hard surfaces found in concrete and gunite swimming pools.  One of this products main selling points is its reliability.  The makers stress that you can significantly cut down repair bills that you may have grown accustomed to as part of your pool costs. This pool cleaner stands out for its pump motor which is actually built in to the unit itself.

The built in pump design of the Aquabot Turbo eliminates the need for cumbersome hoses running to the filter.  It also greatly increases the efficiency of this unit compared with other pool cleaners.  The Turbo T-Jet has a suction flow of nearly five thousand gallons per hour.  Compared to other pool cleaners, this is nearly 10 times as much suction flow.

Some additional features include:

  • The Aquabot Turbo can clean a fifty foot pool from floor to waterline in approximately one hour.
  • Large capacity 34 quart filter bag.
  • Not limited by pool configuration.
  • Wheel tubes and brushes have been eliminated on the Aquabot Turbo by the use of “Power Washing Jet Technology.”
  • Adjustable timer
  • ETL listed cleaner,cable and power supply.
  • Filter bags are constructed of fine mesh.

Because the Aquabot Turbo uses a Jet Drive Propulsion System, many movable (and breakable) parts have been eliminated.  You don’t have to replace gears, belts, drive motors and pulleys if they are never part of the system!

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