This category is Algaecides which are used to combat the growth of algae in your swimming pool or spa water. Swimming pool algae are small, organisms which can either float freely in the water colouring it green, or coat the sides of the pool with a green or brownish film. To cater for all needs our Algaecides are formulated either Copper Free or with Copper.

Algaecides, (sometimes spelled algecides) will not kill bacteria so will normally have to be used in conjunction with a suitable Sanitiser, such as bromine tablets, shock granules or chlorine tablets which can be found in our sanitisers area.

There are two forms of Algaecides – long life and regular. We manufacture and sell these as part of our extensive range of swimming pool chemicals.

Long Life Algaecides are dosed in “shock” or one off doses, typically in the spring prior when the main swimming pool season commences. However, other chemicals (such as Summer Guard and Winter Guard) are available to dose over the summer andwinter periods if necessary.

Regular Algaecides have a slightly different formulation and are typically designed to dose your swimming pool every two weeks.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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