Above Ground Swimming Pools

Above ground swimming pools are a great alternative for people looking to get a swimming pool without going broke.  As swimming pools go, an above ground swimming pool is a much less expensive alternative to in ground models.  The difference in cost can literally be in the tens of thousands of dollars.

For those looking to work within an even tighter budget, you can sometimes find above ground swimming pools for sale in lightly used condition.  Discount above ground swimming pools can also be found if you’re smart shopper, and this can save even more money.  Used swimming pools can sometimes be purchased through local classified ads for as little as a couple of hundred dollars.  In fact, if you watch closely and act quickly, these pools are sometimes even given away if you are willing to take the pool down for the previous owner.  Usually this happens when the kids or grandchildren are no longer around to make use of the swimming pool and the owner doesn’t want to deal with maintenance anymore.  Often when you pick up a used swimming pool, you will need to purchase a new swimming pool liner as well.  You can usually find above ground swimming pool liners for under $200 if you shop around, and your savings over buying a new pool will still be dramatic. If you choose to skip the used pool option, you will need to locate above ground swimming pool dealers in your area to compare pool prices or look right here, online.

Prices in my area recently ran from around $1800 up to about $4000.  Of course, you can end up spending a lot more depending on what kind of pool and swimming pool accessories you decide to purchase. There are also small above ground swimming pools that are smaller and cheaper than traditional models.  Occasionally, you’ll find these with solid sidewalls, but these are not very common anymore.   A lot of people today are purchasing inflatable above ground swimming pools.  These above the ground swimming pools are relatively easy to set up and can be found on sale for under $1000.  They are generally designed for easy setup.  One person can set one up in a single day with a help of a couple of friends.  If your area is anything like mine, you have probably seen at least one or two of these already.  The price of these is so low that they can sometimes be an impulse purchase during a streak of hot weather.  Possibly the most popular pool to fall into this category is the Easy Set swimming pool.  These are manufactured by Intex above ground swimming pools and they offer complete swimming pool kits for prices in the low hundreds of dollars.  These are some of the most reasonably priced pools going today.  Even other inflatable pools can have prices that top $1000, so the Easy Set is definitely worth a look for people working within a tight budget.  The Easy Set is also a very nice option for people who are looking for portable above ground swimming pools that can be taken with them when they travel. If you decide to go with an above ground swimming pool, you will need to consider the amount of space you have available before making your purchase.  Allow for some room around the pool and do not place it in an area prone to getting debris blown toward it.  Cleaning out pine needles and leaves can be a major pain and you can’t just let dirt sit in your pool.  You should also take into account how people will be able to access the pool.  If you are just going to have a basic above ground pool ladder, you will not need nearly as much space as you would if you go with a deck  or patio surrounding the swimming pool area.

Above ground swimming pool decks are a wonderful addition to the swimming pool area, but they do take up a lot of space and they can have quite a bit to your swimming pool costs.  If you have put in a lot of time and effort searching for above ground swimming pools cheap, adding on a deck can blow your costs right through the roof.  I don’t say that to put anyone off of a nice deck, it is just a fact that swimming pool decks can be quite expensive. Another consideration is getting electricity to your pool’s filtering system.  If you decide to purchase and above ground swimming pool kit, the swimming pool filter itself may be included in your package.  You will still need to have access to electricity though to run the filter and you should note that there are codes and ordinances related to how this power is supplied.  Be sure to check out your local requirements before proceeding with any pool installations.  Running electricity to your pool may be something that you’re able to do yourself if you are a qualified electrician in Preston. I, personally, would never attempt it on my own.  Electrical work is definitely something best left to professionals.

One more thing how would like to touch on in this article is installing above ground swimming pools.  Unless you are setting up one of the models designed to be very simple to set up, it would be wise to either have the pool installed professionally, or to get yourself some qualified helpers who have experience in setting up swimming pools.  Doing things right the first time on this kind of project really makes things easier.

Here are some pools for sale right now at very competitive prices. I have done my best to find the best value before including these listings. At the time of my listing these pools, only new pools are showing but you should still read all listings to confirm what your package includes. Many of these come as complete kits which can be a major savings when you’re looking at above ground swimming pool prices. Check the individual listings regarding shipping times and charges. Some of these include free shipping as well.  Finding the best above ground swimming pools available at prices that fit your budget may take a little bit of research, but it is time well spent.  Your new pool will provide you and your family with fun and entertainment for several years if properly maintained.  When you compare the cost to taking your family on even a one week vacation, but prices can end up looking pretty good!

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